Digital Signage


Digital Signage allows for a great return on investment, because it will not limit the advertiser on just one mode of presenting his product or promotion. There are different ways or formats to present or display the digital contents on the digital signage. It can come in the form of text, whether still or scrolling which can be dynamically updated by means of external newsfeed source. Images are also great way to present the idea or content, which can also come as still or scrolling. In the digital signage industry, the standard and dominant digital format for images is JPEG. Videos can also be incorporated which are usually in the format of commercial TV advertisement. MPEG4 is the dominant digital content format for videos used in the digital signage industry. For interactive content which allows end user to interact the displayed digital content by means of touch screen and other interactive tools, HTML5 and Unity3D are widely used due to their popularity among web developers and multimedia designers.

Digital Design of Creative signage is perfect for indoor and outdoor digital signage, as well as for building and shopping directory, restaurant menu, sales performance and LED advertising wall. The technologies offered by Creative Signage are Digital Kiosk, LED Display, Video Wall, Projection, Transparent Display and Mirror Display. Creative signage offers services which come with the purchase of any kind of the digital signage available.

Creative AV Concierge


We have the facilities to fabricate any type of enclosures: aluminium, steel, acrylic and wood. Please contact us to see some of our fabrications live.

Logistics & Installation

Signage Solutions will deliver the goods to your location and installed within a pre-agreed timeframe. We offer day and night installations in order to fit your operational hours.


we conduct quarterly on-site servicing to make sure that there are no hidden problems. We make sure that your digital signage will run smoothly for the longest possible time.

24/7 Technical Support

If you have a technical problem, call us anytime, anywhere. Our hotline is always ready for you.