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The ability to reach audiences at scale with a targeted message has driven the rapid growth of digital signage. Multiple sectors from retail and hospitality, entertainment and sport, through to hotel and public services, travel and corporate are benefiting from the provision of eye-catching and relevant content.

content. The Creative digital signage solution combines sophisticated content creation technology with an easy to use interface and a wide range of digital signage assets. With our help, digital signage has the power not just to create a memorable impression, but to reduce the costs of traditional advertising, and create new revenue streams for enterprising users.

Digital Signage for Return to Work

Digital Signage can be a great tool in helping to provide key messaging.

With the ability to be updated and implemented quickly, your messaging can change as the government guidelines do, making sure you are able to provide the latest up-to-date information. Discover how you can utilise Digital Signage to provide vital messaging.

Top Tech Tips

Discover our Top Tech Tips for getting extra value from Creative Digital Signage, with new ones added weekly.

Learn more about Creative Digital Signage, including how it can help support your business' return-to-work strategy as well as features you may not yet be utilising.

Creative Creator

Discover more about how our Creative Creator can benefit your business. Supporting multi-zone digital signage content that is easy to implement and use.

Indispensable digital signage for the return to work

Technology has played such an important role during the Covid-19 crisis, from enabling remote working with Zoom or Teams video calls and keeping us entertained via Netflix, through to enabling contactless payments in-store and supporting distance learning for millions of children worldwide.

For those of us who have had to venture out, digital signage technology that provides messaging or vital guidance in public places without requiring any physical intervention has become essential.

In the last few months, great uses of digital signage have included:

An eye-catching campaign run by Outsmart, the Out-of-Home trade association to pass on the Pakistan utilising billboards on roadsides and at retail locations with humorous but heartfelt messages of gratitude.

At a restaurant In Karachi recently which was able to reopen and manage social distancing by using a signage and camera solution that can monitor capacity and communicate with customers.

In the Pakistan where the safety of customers in retail, healthcare and public spaces has been improved with the use of new technology to replace mechanical push-button or touchscreen panels on vending machines. The user is able to select the product they want at a distance of up to two centimetres from the surface of the selection panel

The variety and flexibility of digital signage solutions will become even more important as we negotiate our way back into life post-Covid-19.

Smart signage that allows people to be counted, as the example above shows, will help not just restaurants, but shops, entertainment and sports venues to gauge capacity. Facial recognition and biometric tools will be combined with cameras and screens to help with identification, and to monitor levels of social distancing and adherence to safety measures, such as the wearing of masks.

At a more fundamental level, the sharing of important health and safety messages and direct guidance has never been so important. As always, digital signage has a key role to play in disseminating information, and not just in public, but also within the workplace, to ensure content can be delivered to the right people, at the right time and in the right place.

The ability to quickly design and schedule content to keep messaging current will be vital. Which is why it is so important to use digital signage tools that are straightforward to use, but deliver a wide range of functionality from intuitive drag and drop and easily adaptable templates through to the ability to manage content across multiple screen zones. Above all, it should be fully manageable from a distance, to ensure administrators can be safe.

We want to support all organisations that are now having to make changes for the return to work. Whether that’s corporate organisations, retailers, stadiums, schools and universities, government departments or industrial plants, we recognise that they are looking for the best ways to curate, manage and display vital information.

To make this a little easier, we are running a special ‘Digital Signage Deal’ on our own Creative Digital Signage Players and offering three for the price of two.

Our customers can purchase these powerful, ultra-reliable 4K multi-zone players as a standalone unit, or as part of an existing Creative solution.


Find out how Creative Systems can support your needs...

We also recognise that putting digital signage solutions to good use requires help, so we are offering free support and guidance in managing a digital signage network and maximising your content to best effect. For more information about putting digital signage, and specifically Creative at the centre of your return-to-work strategy,

Top Tech Tips

Over the next few weeks, we’ll keep you updated with some Top Tech Tips for getting extra value from Creative Digital Signage.


Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Seven

Deliver effective signage remotely

  • Creative Creator and Creative Tools will work on any system supporting Windows 7, 8 and 10 and enable the design, scheduling and targeting of content remotely for delivery across the IP network to Creative players installed at each display screen
  • Use Creator to revise, duplicate or re-schedule previously designed pages to update your safety guidance

Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Six

Keep your audience engaged and informed with digital signage

  • Use Creative Creator to add live video streams and crawls. Apply fonts, transitions and effects to enhance your message and reinforce guidance or safety rules
  • As government guidance changes, use Creative Digital Signage to dynamically amend your content depending on the time of day, run special offers and keep your audience updated without having to completely recreate your pages

Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Five

Communicating is key to a safe return to work

  • Access a wide variety of templates in Creative Creator to run eye-catching safety graphics alongside corporate videos, live TV streams, text and images
  • Find out more about the latest handset, a remote control with a sleek rubber sleeve designed to be easy to clean and keep virus-free

Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Four

Use digital signage to spread safety messages far and wide

  • Ensure safety messages and guidance are clear for all audiences by using the new multi-language and custom translation features in Media Manager
  • Access media assets via a desktop shortcut not just in the local language, but local dialect too, and support delegated administrators in multiple locations around the world

Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Three

Enhancing customers’ return to work strategies with digital signage features

  • Use the search capability in Media Manager to pinpoint targeted messages based on location, with specific advice or directions to help visitors
  • Check out the ‘Mobile Reference List’, a software remote feature in Media Manager which can be used from the safety of an administrator’s own phone. This will automatically align to every screen on the network through a unique QR code scanned to the mobile phone. This means there will no longer be the need to use frequently handled standard remote-control units

Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week Two

How can you help your customers with their return to work strategies?

  • Reinforce safety messages on tickers and in text boxes, and use an HTML overlay as a permanent reminder of best practices
  • Make use of automated controls within Creative playlists to ensure screens are automatically scheduled to turn on and off without the need to touch them. This also helps to conserve energy when a screen is not in use

Top Tech Tips for Return To Work – Week One

Are your customers planning their return to work strategies?

  • Insert vital messaging directly into playlists, from PowerPoint slides and official government guidance through to social distancing and hand-washing reminders
  • Keep track of where safety communications have been displayed and assess for impact using ‘proof of play’ lists

Get the most from Digital Signage with Creative Systems

Want to truly utilise Digital Signage? Get in touch with our expert team to discover more of the benefits and the best solution for your business.


Creative Creator Content creation and multi-zone signage software

Creative Creator is an easy to use content creation program enabling users to quickly design, compile and aggregate their own branded dynamic signage content for display on to any number of screens and information points around an organisation.


Creative Creator Content creation and multi-zone signage software

Designed to bring together text, images, media and corporate branding to facilitate message communication and viewer participation, it also gives administrators the flexibility to dynamically alter content and sequence messages for full impact.

An intuitive program running on a PC, users can craft full HD images featuring zones, crawls, live video and graphics all in livery selected from a comprehensive library of fonts, templates and colour ways.

Used in conjunction with the Creative Tools utility, which enables the scheduling and targeting of the created content, pages are directed across the IP network to Creativeplayer units installed at each display screen or point.

Creative Creator runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10, bringing together your media, branding and message text to stage individual pages of content.

The Creative Tools utility applies display characteristics such as schedule and page sequencing while also deploying dynamic content through Active Data Fields. When the project is complete Tools will export content to the selected players with playback control over individual pages and the project as a whole.

To support Creative Creator users, there is access to "Content Creation Corner" where you can find Creator Manuals, online video tutorials, a library of pre-built Creator pages and backgrounds for download, tool tips, FAQs and information about training and our in house content creation services.

To support Creative Creator users, there is access to "Content Creation Corner" where you can find Creator Manuals, online video tutorials, a library of pre-built Creator pages and backgrounds for download, tool tips, FAQs and information about training and our in house content creation services.

Creative 4K UHD IPTV and Media Player

The Creative is a powerful and ultra-reliable solid-state media player, a full 4K multi-zone digital signage platform

Creative Digital Media Players are the professional solution for your entire IPTV, Digital Signage and Digital Media delivery requirements.

The network streams and play locally stored video files from on-board memory, so that a combination of live streamed network video /audio and file-based media can be displayed.

The unit supports many video formats that can be presented at full screen or scaled to size. For example, a 4K HEVC or H.264 video can be played out, or multiple 1080p videos can be simultaneously displayed.

Video can be stored and accessed locally from flash, a remote RTSP video server or played from ‘Live’ IP multicast network streams.

Using hardware accelerated HTML5 rendering in a full 4K UHD screen configuration, a displayed page can simultaneously show diverse forms of media within a mosaic of different dynamic zones.

Each of these can contain video play out, RSS text feeds, smooth scrolling tickers, clocks and graphics widgets as well as HTML web pages with video tag, cookie and login support.