Optimizing organization productivity

No matter the business, organizations at all levels rely on robust communications systems to operate effectively. In day-to-day communications, companies need a single, unified communications platform that easily integrates all communications functions.IP telephony is quickly transforming corporate telecommunications with a wide variety of cutting-edge applications that allow enterprises to boost productivity and reduce expenditures.

IP telephony integrates communications by removing traditional barriers separating telecom, Internet, intranet, and mobile communications, allowing enterprises to utilize technology already in place while helping companies benefit from cost savings and improved productivity, collaboration, and overall communication.

Creative Office

Employees could do so much more than just “talk” on the phone.

What if you could increase employee …

Creative Office

Optimizing Office Productivity with IPTelephony

Optimizing your organization’s productivity has never been easier. Creative Office is the all in-one IP Telephony solution that takes your communication system to the next level by increasing your employees’ efficiency. This happens by enabling them to access information as quickly and reliably as possible, at their convenience. Its unique set of features define its superiority; “Hyper Directory” allows users to quickly and easily search and access information about users; their extensions, departments, and their physical office location within the enterprise. “Creative Cast” sends vocal and text messages to individuals or to large groups of users. “Single sign on” integrates an employee’s workstation with windows, and actions such as (logged off, locked, shutdown…), changes the phone lock status and the dial plan according to those events. You can also control your expenditures through “Creative Bill”, the feature that generates complete and comprehensive reports. It collects CDRs’ billing information for every call involving any IP Phone connected to the network. Even when you’re away from your office, “Creative Mail” enables the caller to leave a message in the voice mail, and sends a notification to the called person through an email and a red lamp on the IP Phone.

Creative Office Benefits Creative Office Great Features
Enhances employee productivity through immediate improvement of communication. Hyper Directory, Personal Directory, Caller ID, Text Cast,VoiceCast, IPMail, IPSMS, IPCalendar, Phone Lock
Facilitates collaboration and saves time. Change PIN, Meeting Room Reservation,
Generates detailed reports to control expenditure. Currency Converter, Live News and Weather Updates