LED video wall

Creative LED Video walls to deliver your message in a professional manner with the highest Resolution and Clarity. Perfectly suited for any kind of application, these Displays are available in various Sizes and Resolution to cater to any kind of Visual Application.

Creative LED Video wall are able to reproduce Best Picture Quality without having any Seams or Bezels which makes the Display look very Attractive and Seamless. In any large Display that we want to work with the Display size limitation currently is at 98” Diagonal.

While this meets most Average Board rooms / Conference rooms, however, these Monitors leave a Joint both Horizontal and Vertical in the Screen. Going higher than this size is not possible unless we use Ultra Narrow Bezel Monitor

Sizes 100” and upwards without Joints or Seams, this is the Ultimate Video Solution for any Large screen Application. The seamless LED panels have practically no bezels (seams) and they can be tiled together giving unmatched uniformity, wide viewing angles. Arc shaped displays can be easily made with small modules providing the picture completeness.

This also known as direct view (DV) LED technology.

Creative LED Video walls come with integrated Features such as Wireless Presentation , Interactivity, and other Similar Collaboration features which makes Workplace technology really professional and effective .