Lightining Controle Solution


Lighting technology that is smart, simple, and elegant. An integral part of any environment that will bring your space to life, creating depth and evoking emotion, not only enhancing but embracing your lifestyle.

Wall Plate

Smart Device Control

Smart Touch Panel

Human Centric Lighting (HCL)

Synchronizing our circadian rhythms to support better health, human-centric lighting can adjust our daily lives, promoting overall well-being by enhancing concentration while improving motivation and productivity. Human-centric lighting dynamically changes throughout the day to precisely mimic the colour temperature and intensity of natural light outside, or you take full control and adjust the mood yourself with a full range of advanced colour and dimming capabilities. Fine-tune exquisite details within your environment with vibrancy control, from artwork to a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. We can design you a system that works seamlessly with rest of your technology.

Interior Lighting Control

The perfect atmosphere is at your disposal. Digital Environments is your fully-integrated automation and control solution for interior lighting. Perfectly fit for your lifestyle, we offer unlimited personalization and customization to help you maximize efficiency, convenience, and enhanced levels of comfort throughout your space. Let us help you bring your style to life.

Outdoor Lighting Control

Whether you’re looking for a little extra security around your house or just want a welcoming ambiance, or both, we offer control solutions that range from simple pathway and stair lighting automation and control to whole-home and business exterior lighting solutions.

Ambient Lighting

Don’t just light up a room, light up a mood, a feeling, a sense of well-being. Your lighting will help set the tone of your space and with a little bit of ambiance you’ll be able to create a more personalized, comfortable, and welcoming environment.

>Create focal points by highlighting artwork or pathways. Dim the lights down to create a calm, serene environment. Bring the colour temperatures up to inject a little energy into the room. However you see fit, ambient lighting control from Digital Environments will help create an environment that is tailored specifically for you.

Intuitive Control

Advanced lighting solutions that will transform your home or business. Whether it’s the interior lighting throughout your space or natural light intuitively controlled by our window treatments solutions, we design lighting control systems that don't compromise the flow and integrity of your space.

From enhanced wall plates, smart devices, remotes, touch panels and even voice, we will help maximize efficiency, convenience, comfort levels, and overall energy consumption throughout your space.